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After 12 years of concerts, albums and workshop around the world, Brigan is going to present its brand new project


The light that falls above these souls, 
Is still the one of the ancient south, 
The soul of this land is the old mud.




These are the words used by the poet Pier Paolo Pasolini to write about the land of Liburn/Liburia/Terra Felix, as is it called since centuries ago with the ancient names, the place that is in the middle between Naples and Caserta, in south Italy. (Liburn comes from the latin word Liburia, that is an abbreviation of Terra Liburiae, Terra di Lavoro in italian that means Land of Work) 

In these places work, music and devotion has ever been linked since the ancient times to the last century. In this old and rural world, made of men woking in tobacco and hemp fields, expanses of tomatoes and buffalos farm, music was always halfway between entertainment and rituals, devotion and profane. 

"Liburia Trip" is not only the proposal of these old traditions that comes from that land but the creation of a wide imaginary of a disappeared world where lyrics, drums, flutes and soundscape re-emerge and live again, fragmented, processed, re-worked and manipulated by the use of electronics and new media. 

The trance attitude is the central element of the project: a new hybrid sound is created by melting synthetic texture with flutes, bagpipes, and accordion; flanking sounds that comes from acousmatic and concrete music with the stubborn and repetitive ritmic cell played by drums, that is the ancient heart of the tradition. 






Francesco Di Cristofaro   - Voice, flutes, bagpipes, accordion

Andrea Laudante - Electronics, field recordings, baglamas, tambor, voice

Gabriele TInto  - Percussions and objects from Liburn, effects, voice, drum machine







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