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Brigan involves young musicians from Southern Italy united by an interest in roots and traditional music.

The group was born in 2009 and has released 4 albums and many concerts all over the world.​

After the debut album "Irish Roots", dedicated entirely to the music of the Irish harpist T. O'Carolan, in 2011 with the release of the second album "Ti sfondo i bodrhàn - tradition and contamination", was born and developed idea of Embarking on a new project: merging the sounds and rhythms of Celtic music and traditional music of Southern Italy. With this new project the band embarks on the first European tour touching countries such as England, Slovenia, Switzerland and Croatia, also being nominated as the best group of the "Ferrara Busker Festival".

The research and study of traditional repertoires of most of the Celtic area is strengthened with the publication in 2014 of the third album "Transumanza Sonora", with which Brigan win “Universo Folk" international folk competition in Oviedo, Spain, also sharing the stage with historic bands including the Gwendal.

The numerous concerts and trips in Spain and Portugal have led the Brigan to devote themselves to the search for a hybrid language through the encounter between the music of the Iberian Northwest and Campania, and this is how in 2018 the fourth album “Rúa San Giacomo", Produced by Marocco Music, and recorded between Santiago de Compostela-Vigo (Spain) and Sant’Arpino (Italy) with a preface by Peppe Barra, and with the participation of numerous italian and spanish guests, including Efren Lopez Sanz, Davide Salvado,Lino Cannavacciulo and many others.

This last album boasts various awards including the top 40 of the Best World Music Records (Translgobal World Music Chart); Album of the month for BloogFolk; finalist of the "One World Music Awards" (England); top 20 of Global Chart (USA) and numerous national radio stations in many countries such as Australia, China, Switzerland, Finland, Spain, America, Greece, France and many others.

The "Rua San Giacomo" Tour brings the Brigan to a long series of concerts throughout Italy, in many cities of the Iberian peninsula, in Germany and for the first time beyond the European borders: at the "Jacob's Ladder Festival" in Israel and at the "World Music Asia ” with two concerts in Shanghai, China.

Brigan are currently in preparation for their fifth album to be released in 2023.

Main concerts

Asia World Music Festival - Shangai, China

Jacob's Ladder Festival - Ginosar, Israel

Napoli Teatro Festival - Naples, Italy

Méra World Music Festival - Méra, Romania

Trad in Etno - Pazin, Croatia

Teatro El Albeitar - Leòn, Spain

Festival Interceltico de Sendim - Sendim, Portugal

Festival Universo Folk - Oviedo, Spain

CelticTransylvania - Beclean, Romania

Sala G.Galilei - Madrid, Spain

Aspenizas Folk Festival - Tui, Spain

Neukolln Folk Festival - Berlin, Germany

Forum Universale delle Culture, Naples, Italy

Aufgetischt St.Gallen - San Gallo, Switzerland 

Pifferi, Muse e Zampogne - Arezzo, Italy

Teatro Campoamor - Oviedo, Spain

Teatro del Sale - Florence, Italy

Festival Paleariza - Italy

Fairylands Celtic Festival - Rome, Italy

Club de la prensa Asturiana - Oviedo, Spain

Festival della Zampogna - Scapoli, Italy

Festival dell'arpa viggianese - Viggiano, Italy

Festival de San Mateo - Oviedo, Spain

Univesità Federico II - Naples, Italy

EOI - Vigo, Spain

Luar - TV Galicia, Spain

and many others...

Main Awards

First prize "Ethnos Generazioni 2022 S.Giorgio a Cremano, Napoli

International Award "Pentafinum Jacobeo 2019" for Rua San Giacomo

best album dedicated to the Camino de Santiago - Santiago de Compostela, Spain

BF - CHOICE: "Rua San Giacomo" Best Album of the month (June 2018)  (Blogfoolk's Choiche)

First prize "Universo Folk 2013" Concurso internacional de Folk, Oviedo - Spain

Best band "Ferrara Busker Festival 2011" - Italy


Davide Salvado, Efren Lopez Sanz, Xurxo Fernandes, Ramon Rodriguez Gomez, Lino Cannavacciuolo, Massimo Ferrante, Pablo Carpintero, Xulio Lorenzo, Harry.c (Milladoiro), Banda da Casa das Crechas, Pandereteiras sen fronteiros, FicuFresche, Alberto Jambrina y Pablo Madrid, Osvaldo Costabile, La Mescla, Aldo Grillo, Giovanni Saviello, Anya Raggio, Alessandro de Carolis, Sasà Pelosi, Daniele Ercoli.

Gabriele TInto, Ivan del Vecchio, Carmine Scialla, Sergio di Leo, Simone Lombardi, Danilo Parolisi, Emilio Cozza, Olindo Gallotti.

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